Building Use Policy

Garden Park Christian Church Basic Building Use Policy

            Garden Park Christian Church desires to use the facilities God has entrusted to us to honor and glorify Him. It is important that we are good stewards of the physical and financial resources that God has given us. With that in mind, the fee schedule that follows is established to cover the costs of hosting events without placing an undue financial burden on our church family. The fees are also charged in order to affirm our expectations that those who are granted the privilege of using the facility will do so with great care. The Basic Building Use Policy is in effect as of 5.27.2011.

            Every person or entity who wishes to use the Garden Park Christian Church facility, in whole or in part, must read and sign an agreement provided by Garden Park. The agreement will clearly state regulations and expectations for general building use, specific guidelines for the type of event involved, and a non-negotiable fee schedule. A security deposit, refundable upon satisfactory completion of the close-out list, will be collected at the time the agreement is signed.

  • Who is permitted use of the Garden Park Facility:

*Garden Park members who regularly attend worship services and are active in the ministry of the church.

*Groups outside the Garden Park membership, pending approval of the elders, who will be supervised by a Garden Park member in attendance at the activity.

  • Who is not permitted use of the Garden Park Facility:

*Groups or individuals outside the Garden Park membership, who do not have a connection to the church.

  • The following will not be permitted on Garden Park property, including the parking area, at any time:

*Profanity or any vulgar speech                         *Pornographic material

*Alcoholic beverages                                         *Smoking

*Cult or cult-related material or activity            *Firearms or other weapons

*Illegal drugs or illegal substances                     

*any activity, religious or otherwise, that is in conflict with the values of Garden Park Christian Church and is not honoring of Jesus Christ

Use of any of the above will result in immediate shutdown of activity, dismissal from the property, and a police call in the instance of illegal substance.

fee Schedules

General Fee Schedule for Members of Garden Park Christian Church, for private events:

Security deposit                                                                           $200.00                                                                                                    refundable upon satisfactory completion of close-out list

Use of hospitality room and kitchen                                          $  75.00

Use of multi-purpose room (4 hours)                                        $100.00

Use of multi-purpose room and kitchen                                    $125.00

Use of all three aforementioned areas                                      $150.00

Lost key replacement fee                                                          $  10.00


General Fee Schedule for Non-Members of Garden Park Christian Church:

This includes former members, relatives of members, outside groups or individuals (pending approval) and anyone who is not an active member at Garden Park.

Security deposit                                                                           $200.00                                                                                                 

refundable upon satisfactory completion of close-out list

Use of hospitality room and kitchen                                             $150.00

Use of multi-purpose room (4 hours)                                           $250.00

Use of multi-purpose room and kitchen                                      $300.00

Use of all three aforementioned areas                                        $375.00

Supervisory Personnel fee – 2 hours or less                               $  50.00

Supervisory Personnel fee – More than 2 hours                        $  75.00

Sound Technician                                                                        $150.00

Audio Technician                                                                         $150.00

Event Coordinator Fee                                                                $100.00

    (This is the individual who handles all pre-arrangements, booking, pre-event

      appointments, phone calls and inquires, showing client around facility, etc.)

Custodial fee (if required )                                                           $125.00


No reservation is secure until the deposit is received.

NOTE: A separate fee schedule applies to weddings. See the individual wedding policy for the fee schedule.

wedding policy

           We believe that marriage is a sacred covenant relationship designed by God to unite a man and a woman. The marriage vows signify a lifelong commitment that is to be honored and protected.


           Garden Park Christian Church will host wedding ceremonies only for a couple who are both immersed believers of Jesus Christ, active and serving at Garden Park, who agree to the counsel of, and pre-marriage guidelines set forth by our Senior Pastor. We do not rent our facility for use by couples outside of our church family, including friends and relatives of members or former members, unless an exception is made, on a case-by-case basis, by the elders.


Fee Schedule:


Security Deposit (refundable) $200.00


Use of the Foyer, dressing rooms (2) and auditorium $200.00


Use of the above plus kitchen $300.00


Custodial fee - required $100.00


Additional custodial fee for kitchen $  30.00


Sound technician fee - required (rehearsal and ceremony) $100.00


Video Technician fee - required (rehearsal and ceremony) $100.00


Suggested Pastor’s honorarium


Garden park events

When a room or rooms in the building are needed for a Garden Park sponsored event, such as a baby or wedding shower for a member, there is no fee schedule applied to those hosting the event.

Those hosting the event are expected to comply with the checklist in terms of cleaning and closing out the facility.

It is necessary, however, to check the church calendar by contacting the office, prior to publicizing an event or sending invitations.