Caring for One Another

Our elders oversee our church family to encourage every Christian to grow in their life in Christ. Sometimes, we meet obstacles that are hard to manage and need specialized help. If you are experiencing a crisis, or need advice about a particular challenge in your life, we will do our best to care for you. Call our church  office to make an appointment.

Garden Park members care for one another in many ways. This is not because of any particular program.  It is the result of loving and supportive relationships that have been built by sharing in life together over time.  Individuals and families bless one another with meals, transportation, volunteer care of children or ill family members, home and vehicle maintenance, tutoring, and sharing material goods, just to name a few. 

One of the most important things we do is pray for one another. All who attend Garden Park, members and non-members alike, are encouraged to contact our office to find out how to send and receive email prayer alerts.  

We do not give cash gifts or pay bills for those who are not members or regular attenders of the church.


Marriage is a sacred covenant designed by God

to be the source of many of the greatest blessings in life. 

Wedding ceremonies will be conducted only for couples

wherein the man or woman, or both,

is an active, participating member of Garden Park Christian Church.