Worship through Service

Click on the "teams & service schedules" tab to see a listing of our Ministry Teams,

and a link to a booklet that describes each team.

You are invited to "try out" a ministry to see if it is the right fit for your interests and talents.

Also under this tab are posted service schedules for several departments.

Every-member ministry is necessary for a church to function at its best.

We encourage everyone to find a place to serve joyfully in God's Kingdom!

Every-Member Ministry

The Bible teaches us that every Christian is given a gift by God,

to be used in service to the church and to His glory.
At Garden Park we believe that part of living for Christ is to use our gifts and be involved in ministry.

Our Ministry Teams are designed to ultimately expand the Kingdom of God in our community and around the world.

This is accomplished by doing the work that helps us fulfill God's mission. There are so many opportunities that everyone

can find a place to serve.